Google Pixel Watch 3 to have a 45mm option

Smartwatches usually come in two sizes, to fit as many wrists as possible. However, Google’s smartwatch, at least so far, doesn’t. The original Pixel Watch from 2022 and the Pixel Watch 2 launched last year both come in just one size: 41mm.

There is hope, though, for a new rumor today tells us that the third time is going to be the charm. According to reports, the Pixel Watch 3, likely to launch this October, will also come in a 45mm size.

It will be complemented by the third generation iteration of the 41mm Google Watch. This move will satisfy all those for whom the only 41mm option offered so far was too small.

The same source also tells us that Google is surprisingly working on the Pixel Buds Pro 2. No other details are known at the moment, so this is just a confirmation that they are coming. The original Pixel Buds Pro were released in 2022, so maybe it’s time to replace them.

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