Here are the prices of the new Samsung Galaxy FE devices around the world

Samsung has launched a new FE series for 2023 that includes a phone, two tablets and new TWS buds. The phone is of course the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, which offers a larger display and battery than the S23 at a lower price than the S23+.

Then there’s the 10.9″ Galaxy Tab S9 FE and the larger 12.4″ Galaxy Tab S9 FE+. Like previous models, they use LCD instead of AMOLED panels, but the Tab S7 FE only comes in one size (12.4”) and its LCD is locked to 60Hz, while it does 90Hz.

As for headphones, the Galaxy Buds FE are the cheapest of the bunch, at least by MSRP (but you can get the Buds2 for less these days). The wing tips of the original Galaxy Buds and Buds+ are back, providing a much more secure fit in some people’s years.

Alongside the Buds FE, two new Galaxy Tab S9 FE slates will be available in the market from October 10. If you’re interested in the Galaxy S23 FE instead, wait — the phone will launch on October 26.

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