Huawei P70 Series Launch Date Leaked

The photo appeared on Weibo, and other leaks quickly followed, including the original specs of the entire series.

According to a user, there will be at least four variants – Huawei P70, P70 Pro, P70 Pro+ and P70 Art. We can’t verify if these specs and images are real, and our regular sources are still silent on the matter, so don’t assume anything just yet.

The phone is expected to feature the Kirin 9000S chipset. It is an SoC manufactured by SMIC on 7nm process technology and is currently under investigation as to whether the manufacturer violated US export regulations.

We have a hard time understanding the entire spec sheet, which is not only in Chinese, but also low resolution. Here are the bits we can make:
If all these rumors are true, it means that the previous report about the April launch was really on point.

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