OnePlus Open found to support stylus input

The OnePlus Open is one of the most popular foldables out there right now and we found it to excel in all the main pillars of a great foldable, and the only issue with our review is the lack of official stylus support.

In a new development, OnePlus seems to support stylus input on both its cover and main display via the Oppo Open Pen.

Reddit user Rashed341 posted a video on the OnePlus Subreddit showing the Oppo Pen fully functional with an open main and cover display. There’s also a stylus menu page inside Open’s Settings app.

The Oppo Pen is designed for the Oppo Find N2, the predecessor to the Find N3 on which the Open is based.

It’s puzzling why OnePlus chose to drop stylus support during the Open’s launch event and all its promotional materials, but it’s still a great development for OnePlus Open owners and potential buyers.

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