Oppo Find X7 duo reaches 1 million pre-orders

Oppo announced the Find X7 Ultra flagship earlier in the year and four weeks later, the phone, along with its vanilla sibling the Find X7, reached 1 million pre-orders.

The announcement came from Billy Zhang, OPPO’s president of overseas marketing, sales and service, who said on Twitter that there is “real appetite” for the phone.

Sadly, all pre-orders were done in China, as the phone is currently unavailable in any other market.

The smartphone is an all-round monster flagship with dual-periscope cameras and the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset. We received it for a review and are thoroughly testing it to see how good it really is. We’ve already posted our battery life tests, and the results are promising.

Sadly, the device is still limited to the domestic market. When the phone was launched, Nokia still blocked Oppo from selling its device in Europe, but that may change soon. Both companies have signed a cross-license 5G patent agreement, meaning the Find X7 Ultra is virtually free to escape China and reach international markets.

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