Realme shares a bunch of GT5 Pro telephoto camera samples ahead of launch

The Realme GT5 Pro is all set to launch on December 7 and the phone maker has already shared a few teasers, most of which focus on the camera setup. And more specifically, the 3x telephoto camera.

The new teaser comes in the form of camera samples, all taken with the same 3x telephoto camera. However, as you can see from the focal length some of them also involve digital zoom. The aperture is apparently f/2.6. Here are all the samples shared on Weibo.

Some posts highlight the phone’s proprietary highlighting engine for balancing shadows and highlights, as well as ArcSoft’s portrait algorithm.

Realme also notes that advanced hardware and software optimizations allow the camera to capture lossless 6x photos, and if the samples are any indication, this is a really powerful telephoto camera setup.

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