Redmi Buds 4 Active is Xiaomi’s best ENC TWS on a low budget

If you are looking for a good quality TWS from the brand and your budget is around Rs 2000 then Redmi Buds 4 Active can be the best TWS for you. This TWS from XIAOMI can be the best choice for you. Apart from strong connectivity and long-lasting battery backup, what other features these earbuds have, let’s see..

First of all, the design of Redmi Buds 4 Active is similar to Apple Buds. This premium design TWS is available in Black and Air White colors. The TWS case has a slightly matte finish. It is boxy type, but the corners are rounded.

The TWS are both very light and fit the ear very well. Each bud weighs 3.6 grams. Each bud has a 12 nanometer base pro driver. If you are a bass lover, then this Buds 4 Active will never disappoint you. Also its 5.3 Bluetooth will make for a strong connection. It has Google’s quick pairing capabilities.

The case for the TWS houses a 440mAh battery. And each bud has a 34mah battery. The total weight of the case with TWS is 42 grams. Which will never create overweight problem in your trip. A single charge of TWS Case T can provide 30 hours of continuous battery backup. It also has fast charging and a Type C port. Buds will be available for backup 5 hours after flowering. 110 songs can be played continuously in 10 minutes.

TWST is the bell ringing time from the full authority. TWS ENC is supported. Another is to permanently block your surroundings with the EnviroMel Noise Canceling System. You may find this noise canceling feature very peaceful especially during phone calling.

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