Fairphone 5 gets 10/10 repairability rating from iFixit

Fairphone products are built to last and with repairability in mind. The Fairphone 5 that launched back in September ticks the right boxes for a durable phone according to iFixit with its signature teardown rating of 10/10 repairable.

Fairphone 5 is easy to open, no need to heat the back or try to pry off any glass components – you just pop off the covers and you’re ready to replace the battery. Despite the removable back cover, the Fairphone 5 still carries an IP55 ingress protection rating against dust and water jets.

Digging deeper reveals more of the Fairphone 5’s repairable design, including easy-to-remove connector modules, individually replaceable camera sensors, and marked cable and component labels to help guide users during repairs.

You can go ahead and check out the dull teardown from the iFixit team here. You can also check out our detailed Fairphone 5 review where we put the phone through our signature testing procedure.

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