Google Messages now let you send voice messages via your Wear OS smartwatch

Google is rolling out the latest update to its Messages Wear OS app, which lets users record and listen to voice messages. This is one of those functionalities that should have been implemented long ago with other messaging services, as most modern smartwatches running Wear OS have built-in loudspeakers and microphones.

An interesting fact is that you can make calls but not send voice messages
Well, that’s changing as Google has brought a great new update to its app on the Wear OS platform. The app now has a redesigned UI to match the Android 14 aesthetic. Once you tap on the message you want to reply to, you’ll be greeted with three icons – emoji, keyboard and a microphone in the middle.

By tapping the microphone you can record a 59-second-long message and send it as a response.
Until now you could only send predefined short responses through smartwatches or struggle with the on-screen keyboard on your watch.

Notably, WhatsApp has had similar functionality since it first launched its Wear OS-based app, but so have other messaging services when Google implemented it in Messages. It sounds like an obvious feature, but we haven’t seen it implemented in more messaging apps.

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