Tecno introduces Universal Tone for perfect skin tones in every photo

Tecno has announced a new imaging technology called Universal Tone. Using AI, it promises to enhance skin tones in photos to accurately capture people of all colors.

The essence of Techno Universal Tone is to identify multiple faces in a photo with their facial complexity, and then apply appropriate filters that include a wide range of skin tones to remove bias in image processing.

The technology combines three engines, according to a press release. The first is the multi-skin tone retrieval engine, which works with a database of often overlooked skin tones and creates an inclusive skin tone scale for accurate representation with a method. Then comes the local tuning engine, which takes into account the environment, lighting conditions, color temperature and even the geological landscape to achieve an output in tune with the environment.

The final step in the process is an “AI-powered computational portrait engine” that takes into account certain local aesthetic and cultural preferences to create a personalized and localized portrait imaging experience. Simply put, Tecno Phone will know how people in its market like to see their images, applying the right color processing.

Techno’s ultimate goal is to accurately identify and “micro-optimize” all the people in a photo. The technology allows users to experience true representation and is a celebration of individuality and diversity. The company also says Universal Tone will deliver “true-to-life portraiture,” but we have our doubts about how that will translate in real life with so much AI tinkering in the background.

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